Jerry Lewis: Predator, Tribute to Vanity 6, Queen Licks COVID & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Holiday gets a lot off her chest with this. Gripping. (Images via video still & publicity photo)

VANITY FAIR: If you're burned out by #MeToo, try not to be. There are myriad stories that we still need to hear. Vanity Fair's piece — and its accompanying video, featuring interviews with Karen Sharpe and Hope Holiday — is mesmerizing as it documents complaints about the awful behavior of Jerry Lewis. I don't know how you could listen to Holiday, now in her 90s, tell her story and not feel for this woman, and not feel her story needed to come out.

Gen Z, ya didn't invent sexy. (Image via Warner Bros.)

KENNETH IN THE (212): An adoring tribute to Vanity 6.

EW: Should the Oscars really be giving awards off-screen? Or maybe they should just be five hours long, be packed with montages and surprise appearances by superstars and past icons and more things that actual movie lovers, y'know, love.

PEOPLE: Queen Elizabeth II has recovered from COVID-19.

TWITTER: Eighties and '90s icon Richard Marx appears on The Goldbergs.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Loretta Swit commemorates the anniversary of the end of M*A*S*H.

So long! (Image via Instagram)

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