Cecil B. DeMille’s Female Max, Spielberg vs. Oscars, ‘Andy Warhol Diaries’ Coming & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Rosson at her desk (Image via Brigham Young University)

THE DAILY MIRROR: Remembering Gladys Rosson, who as Cecil B. DeMille's right-hand woman knew more about the great director's personal life and career than any other person alive. Fascinating summary of her mostly forgotten life.

WoW: The true story behind one of the most famous photographs ever taken.

EW: Steven Spielberg is the latest to oppose the Oscars' plan to pre-tape a slate of non-glam categories.

PEOPLE: It appears Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is unlikely to ever permanently reside at Buckingham Palace again. She is, however, alive.

PEOPLE: Julie Andrews is remembering her ex-husband Tony Walton, the gifted set designer who died last week at 87:

"Tony was my dearest and oldest friend. He taught me to see the world with fresh eyes and his talent was simply monumental. I will miss him more than I can say.

"We are a huge, blended family and as we hold each other close, we take comfort knowing that he lives on, not only in his children and grandchildren, but in the memories of thousands who cherished his warmth and generosity and the glorious gifts he gave us. Gifts of theatre and film, ballet and opera, the graphic arts and illustration.

"He was a Titan of the Arts. A doting father and husband… and beloved beyond measure."

BOY CULTURE: Coming March 9 to Netflix, The Andy Warhol Diaries. Do not miss this one!

Watch and repeat. (Image via Netflix)

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