Vintage McDonald’s Bag Found During Reno, Fred Savage Fired, Tony Dow Ill & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Keep your eyes on your fries! (Image via Today)

TODAY SHOW: A couple's home renovation unsealed a vintage bag of McDonald's — complete with the original fries! (Um, preservatives much?!)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW ALONG!): Inside the book launch for N Is for the Nanny, a new book featuring a foreword by ageless Fran Drescher!

PEOPLE: The Wonder Years icon Fred Savage has been fired for inappropriate conduct on the set of the show's reboot. This isn't his first time in trouble for things he's said and done, either.

EW.COM: Beloved comic-book artist George Pérez dies at 67.

TMZ: Tony Dow, 77, of Leave It to Beaver fame, has announced a dire-sounding cancer diagnosis.

We hope Tony takes care, too. (Image via CBS)

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