Bob Mackie’s a ‘No’ on Kim Kardashian in Marilyn’s Gown, RIP Maggie Peterson & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Bob tut-tuts Kim (Image by Matthew Rettenmund; image above by Alejandro Mogollo Diez)

EW: Bob Mackie, 82, who drew the original sketch for the Jean Louis dress Marilyn Monroe made famous when she cooed "Happy Birthday" to lover JFK, is finally speaking out about Kim Kardashian wearing the garment ... and he's against. "I thought it was a big mistake," Mackie said this week. His point was not about the historical significance of the fragile garment, but that the dress was made for Marilyn, was unique to her, so should not have been worn by another.

FACEBOOK: Rumors are saying Madonna, newly single, is dating her photographer Ricardo Gomes. Did we learn nothing from Martha Raye?!

PEOPLE: Queen Elizabeth II made a personal appearance, assuaging fears of her decline.

INSTAGRAM: RIP Maggie Peterson Mancuso, who has died at 81. Running out of Andy Griffith Show vets.

ET ONLINE: Valerie Bertinelli filing for divorce.

INSTAGRAM: These images of b'day (52 today, May 17!) Jordan Knight will blow your mind.

Well, alright then! (Image via Teen Set)

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