Marilyn Monroe Goes ‘Blonde,’ RIP Bernard Cribbins, Laurie Anderson at 75 & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The NC-17 look at Monroe is adapted from the Joyce Carol Oates novel. (Image via Netflix)

THR: Yet another take on Marilyn Monroe, this one starring Ana de Armas — and Blonde takes on the dark side of the dream:

WORLD OF WONDER: 100 years of Norman Lear!

EW: Joy Behar says she was glad to be fired from The View in 2013 ... but happy to return in 2015.

YOUTUBE: Debbie Harry, pushin' 80, croons "Let's Love" in Peggy Lee tribute.

EXTRATV: Doctor Who actor Bernard Cribbins, who had acted since the '40s, has died at 93.

INSTAGRAM: That's incredible! A 1980 ABC-TV promo with dozens of stars forced to razzle-dazzle the viewers.

Abbott in Black Scorpion (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: Bruce Abbott turns 68.

YOUTUBE: Anderson Cooper speaks with avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson, who is as curious as ever 40 years after "O Superman":

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