Kevin Bacon Still Footloose, Nazareth Singer Dies, Leno Seriously Burned & More

Links to the past with relevance today:

Take that, Bomont! (Image via Facebook)

FACEBOOK: Kevin Bacon, 64, is still Footloose and fancy free — dancing on TikTok and Facebook with his daughter.

NYT: The lead singer of Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, has died at 76.

TWITTER: Lydia Cornell is tweeting about that infamous male-rape episode of Too Close for Comfort from 1985.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Cher, 76, on 36-year-old beau: "We're happy."

EXTRATV: Jay Leno, 72, is suffering burns after one of his collectible cars went up in flames.

Leno talking up his hobby on CNN (Image via CNN)

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