‘Babylon’s’ 1920s Hollywood Flashback, 100-Year-Old WWII Photographer on War, Bob Saget’s Widow Remembers & More

December 26, 2022

Links to the past, with relevance today:

"It" girls Clara Bow & Margot Robbie (Images via vintage still & Paramount)

VARIETY: Was '20s Hollywood really as debauched as it is portrayed in Babylon? (YUP.)

THR: Oh, man, remember Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas (1977)?!

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Demi Moore is about to be a grandma!

AMERICAN BATTLEFIELD TRUST: Do not miss this short video containing an interview with WWII photographer Tony Vaccaro, who just turned 100 years old this month and who still has much to say. Of his famous — and disturbing — photo of a German soldier burning to death, he says:

"When I saw that German burning, I knew that mankind was in a direction not favorable to his survival."

I also love how he talks about his favorite image, which he calls scary, but of which he also notes:

"Unfortunately, it can also be beautiful."

He was 98 when this was filmed. Now 100, he attributes his survival of the Battle of Normandy and COVID-19 (twice!) to:

"... blind luck, red wine and determination."

EXTRATV: 159 famous names we lost in 2022, from Olivia Newton-John to Angela Lansbury, Sidney Poitier to Aaron Carter, the Queen of England to tWitch.

PEOPLE: Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 52, has shared a peek at her only child, born 18 months ago.

TWITTER: As of January 1, a month's supply of insulin for seniors will be capped at $35 in the U.S.

INSTAGRAM: Bob Saget's widow shares a heartbreaking post on the first anniverary of the comic death at 65.

Wise words! (Image via Instagram)

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