Simple Minds Rocks On, TV Star Opens Up About ’50s Open Marriage, Madonna Tickets Sell Out & More

January 20, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The band's latest incarnation (Image via Facebook)

EXTRATV: A new direction for Simple Minds, and a catch-up with Jim Kerr, 63.

TWITTER: This video ... is something.

BILLBOARD: Madonna, 64, has taken abuse for being irrelevant for about 15 years. In spite of nasty, backhanded articles like this, her newly announced, hits-powered The Celebration Tour in honor of her 40 years in the biz mostly sold out in hours. Rejoice, Gr8erDays-ers — we have an '80s AAA-lister who is still alive and still packin' 'em in! Here is my defense of the showstopper.

NYT: David Crosby, 81, died this week. A list of his greatest songs.

FOX NEWS: Bonnie Bartlett, 93, is opening up in her new memoir about her life and career, including revealing that her marriage to William Daniels, 95, was initially ... open.

GRACELAND: A public ceremony to celebrate the life of the late Lisa Marie Presley, who died last week at 54, will be held Sunday, and livestreamed.

EW.COM: Brooke Shields, 57, reveals she was raped by a producer shortly after graduating college in a new documentary about her life, Pretty Baby.

She also discusses her sexualized image as a teen. Can't wait to see this accomplished woman's doc.

Pretty frank (GIF via GIPHY)

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