Brooke Shields on Franco Zeffirelli, George Michael #1 on Fans’ List for Rock Hall & More

February 5, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Shields just sold her highly anticipated doc about her life to Hulu. (Image via Deadline)

FACEBOOK: Brooke Shields, still gorgeous at 57, was asked about that exploitation lawsuit filed by the stars of Romeo and Juliet (1968). Her response was very measured, but it is important to note that on her excellent podcast, she recently chatting with Christopher Atkins and appears to have no regrets about 1980's The Blue Lagoon (extensive nudity, though underage Shields did have a body double), which was far more problematic than Romeo and Juliet (brief nudity).

Interestingly, while Shields seems okay with The Blue Lagoon, she does have harsh words about Franco Zeffirelli (1923-2019), who directed her in Endless Love (1981) and who was the director of Romeo and Juliet. She said he twisted her toe during a love scene to get the desired reaction, but it made her feel deep angst:

“I was really shut down after that. I though of myself as just the work horse: They paid me, I did the thing, they sold it, everybody was happy, it was transactional.”

EXTRATV: It was heart disease that got Irene Cara.

INSTAGRAM: RIP to the commissioner from the first six Police Academy films (1984-1989), George R. Robertson. He has died at 89.

ROCK HALL OF FAME: So far, the late George Michael has the most support among fan voters for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, proving once again we treat the dead way better than the living. (I would bet ANYTHING had this come up while he was alive, people would be rolling their eyes at the idea he was "rock" enough.)

BOY CULTURE: A review of a new performance by enduring vocal impressionist Jimmy James — who used to do a dead-ringer Marilyn Monroe in the '80s — who hit NYC along with a cold spell.

The One and Many — Jimmy James (Images by Matthew Rettenmund & handout)

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