Shelley Duvall on Her Return to Acting, Neo-Nazis vs. ‘Parade’ & More

February 22, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

I have faith her new movie won't be what used to be called "hagploitation." Everything she does has instant depth. (Image via video still)

PEOPLE: Shelley Duvall, 73, has had a tough go of it, but lately, she's rebounding. In a new Q&A, she posits that she could still win an Oscar — after all, Jessica Tandy did it at 80! Her new movie, The Forest Hills, is a horror flick premiering March 11 in New Jersey.

DEADLINE: "Any Day Now" (1962) singer Chuck Jackson dies at 85.

Madonna, Warhol, Tammy Faye Bakker — the works! (Image via World of Wonder)

BOY CULTURE: Upcoming book details the East Village NYC scene of the early '80s and the rise of RuPaul, among many other compulsively readable topics.

THR: This Q&A with legend Harrison Ford has the arresting header: "I Know Who the F**k I Am."

HUFF POST: Neo-Nazis protested the Broadway revival of Parade, claiming the man depicted in it was a pedophile (the right is obsessed with this topic) — he wasn't.

EW.COM: Ellen Barkin, 68, says director Harold Becker (still alive at 94), forcibly removed her modesty patch during the filming of a steamy nude scene in Sea of Love (1989).

"What do you need this for? Nobody's looking at you." (Image via video still)

TWITTER: Flashback to Sylvester Stallone HATING Trump Water.

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