‘Vertigo’ Remade, Andie MacDowell on Aging, James Hong Tugs Out the Tears & More

March 27, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Me, when I heard this news. (GIF via GIPHY)

VARIETY: Paramount is considering remaking Vertigo (1958), the Hitchcock classic that is widely considered one of the best films ever made. The horrifying idea is that it would star Robert Downey Jr. from a script by Peaky Blinders scribe Steve Knight. I. Just. Don't. See. It. What's next ... remaking The Godfather? Citizen Kane?

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Meanwhile, I like the new Perry Mason (which has middling reviews). But I don't think remaking that series was as offensive as remaking an iconic film because it was reimagined from the ground up, approached totally differently, and while a period piece, modernized. Vertigo has a plot that doesn't really work today, except in the confines of the original, perfect work, IMO.

EXPRESS: Son of the worst James Bond has feelings about who should play him next!

TWITTER: Andie MacDowell, 64, is being praised lately for going gray. But she is sticking up for Madonna, also 64, who is not a fan of aging — for lack of a better phrase — "naturally." MacDowell's is the exact-right approach: stop judging, let people be, give people a BREAK.

HUFF POST: Dick Van Dyke, 97, was injured last week in a single-car crash. He drove his Lexus into a gate. Now, the living (knock wood!) legend reveals he was lucky not to have been harmed more severely — his air bags failed to deploy. (But also — why do people slow down and talk to TMZ?!)

MSNBC: Katie Phang was brought to tears by 95-year-old living legend James Hong, who just appeared in the biggest hit of his career: Best Picture Oscar winner Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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