Brooke Shields Unveils Her ‘Pretty Baby,’ Warner Bros. at 100, RIP Seymour Stein & More

April 3, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Shields seems more resentful of the media than of the filmmakers. (Image via video still)

GMA: Brooke Shields, 57, is promoting her documentary Pretty Baby, talking about how the film lays out her life and career, which was uniquely affected by her perceived beauty — and often by her underage sensuality.

DEADLINE: As Warner Bros. turns 100, it's opening its vaults to show off some of the amazing memorabilia from the studio's storied history.

INSTAGRAM: RIP Seymour Stein, 80. The legendary A&R man signed Madonna, the Talking Heads, the Ramones and many more.

This was the first album I ever purchased! (Image via IRS)

ALBUMISM: A deep dive into the 1981 classic album Beauty and the Beat by the Go-Go's.

YOUTUBE: I am not sure why people are so concerned with whether women age "naturally" or not. For some reason, it's a big deal suddenly, and usually, people saying they love this or that actress for aging naturally, they're mostly wrong. Like, Angela Lansbury had plastic surgery, y'all. Sally Field has had it, y'all. Then it becomes, "but they look good!" which is a different argument suddenly. Justine Bateman, who is 57, is sort of at the center of this storm because she won't do anything to look younger:

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