Andrés García, Enduring Latin Sex Symbol & Telenovela Star, Dies @ 81

April 6, 2023

These portraits illustrate how the actor's physicality was his calling card. (Images via IMDb, movie still & tear sheet)

Andrés García, who became a superstar of Mexican telenovelas after a career in films, died April 4, 2023, at 81.

His widow, Margarita Portillo, shared (in Spanish) on Instagram, “With a pain that I did not know I could feel in my soul, I want to inform the public that always followed and loved my husband, family and friends, as well as the media, that my husband, Andrés García, the love of my loves, is resting beside our Lord Jesus.”

She confirmed he had died of scarring of the liver caused by hepatitis, and that he had been weakening to the point he received the last rites the day before he died.

García was born May 24, 1941, in the Dominican Republic to Spanish parents. They moved to Mexico, where he grew into a strapping frame that helped established him as a major sex symbol of the era.

His more than 100 screen credits began with the feature Chanoc (1967). He guested on I Spy in the U.S. in 1968, and appeared in the notorious horror film House of Evil with Boris Karloff (1887-1969), which was not released for years after Karloff's death.

Along with a few other U.S. films, he truly made his mark in a series of telenovelas. From the '70s on, he was a staple of Mexican TV and appeared as a pinup in many magazines, his persona elevated above his work.

Some of his most famous series: Las gemelas (1972), Ana del aire (1974), Paloma (1975), Áname (1979), Tú o nadie (1985), Escándalo (1986-1987), Mi nombre es Coraje (1988), Herencia maldita (1990), El magnate (1990), La mujer prohibida (1991), Con toda el alma (1995-1996), El privilegio de amar (1998-1999), Mujeres engañadas (1999-2000) and El Cuerpo del Deseo (2005-2006).

He is survived by his third wife and his three children.

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