Tatum O’Neal Fights to Repair Father-Daughter Bond, Remembering Diahann Carroll & More

July 17, 2023

(Images via Paramount & by Matthew Rettenmund)

THR: Tatum O'Neal nearly died from a major stroke, but having survived, she's tried to patch up the fractured relationship she has with her famous dad, Ryan O'Neal, now past 80. Ryan is quoted as having said something heartbreaking in the piece: “I had this peculiar thing on Paper Moon, and that is the director insisted she wasn’t my daughter. The director insisted that my character, Moses, never thought for a second that this was his daughter. So he wanted me to make sure that I didn’t think of her as my daughter. And maybe it never wore off.”

Poster child (Image via AIP)

THR: RIP to Laird Koenig, 95. He wrote the book The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane (1974), as well as the screenplay of the 1976 horror classique starring Jodie Foster.

Birthday count (Image via Instagram)

PEOPLE: Brigitte Nielsen turned 60 in style — and showed off her 5-year-old daughter Frida in a rare snap.

Julia & Julia: Marc & Diahann in 2017 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

NYT: In honor of the late, great Diahann Carroll's 88th birthday, take a look at the lovely, painful, honest remembrance written by her TV son, Marc Copage, on the occasion of her death in 2019.

EXTRATV: An old episode of The Nanny has gone viral thanks to its strike-related content, now that star Fran Drescher — who is the president of SAG-AFTRA — is making fiery speeches in support of the actors' strike.

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