Roz Returns to ‘Night Court,’ Globes Skip DeMille & Burnett Awards, Cher on Cher & More

January 4, 2024

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Return to Roz (Image via NBC)

UPI: Marsha Warfield returned to the rebooted Night Court this week as Roz, who is now engaged to a woman. The veteran stand-up comic and actor says:

"Roz could not have been gay then. We never even considered such a thing. It would have been bold. Ask Ellen [DeGeneres]."

BILLBOARD: There will be no Cecil B. DeMille or Carol Burnett Awards given at this year's Golden Globes. The DeMille has been given every year except for three since 1952. Why? "Time constraints."

NYT: Tap-dancing star Maurice Hines — the late Gregory's brother — has died at 80.

PEOPLE: Queen Margrethe of Denmark, 83, makes final public appearance ahead of controversial abdication — over 50 years after assuming her role.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Cher's interview with Vanity Fair Italia is a trip.

She calls herself childish, funny, neurotic ... and more! (Image via video still)

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