Clara Bow’s Lost Film ‘The Pill Pounder’ FOUND

March 20, 2024

The film is said to be in perfect condition 100 years later. (Images via video stills)

A man who bought a lot of films at a storage-locker auction wound up discovering a long-lost Silent Era movie — one that starred none other than Clara Bow.

The Pill Pounder (1923) had been considered totally lost before the discovery, but it was purchased for just 20 bucks. That's how ignornant people are when they find stacks of films — they auction them off by the pound.

The man was able to sell the mint print to Bow's biographer for a pretty penny, and it will now be enjoyed by all.

I love reading about lost films being found. Makes you wonder how many more are out there.

Watch news coverage of the discovery here:

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