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Stephen Sondheim, Broadway’s Biggest Legend, Dies @ 91

Stephen Sondheim, whose work resonated with generations of American theatergoers, died Friday unexpectedly at 91. What a dear man, and what a ferocious talent. (GIF via GIPHY) https://twitter.com/BarbraStreisand/status/1464364472399761413?s=20 He had celebrated Thanksgiving the day before with friends, and less than two weeks prior ventured from Connecticut to NYC to check out new productions of his…
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Carole Cook Is ‘Back Where She Belongs’

Carole Cook is becoming forgetful — oh, she remembers everything that ever happened to her in her 94 years, and she remembered all the snappy one-liners in her wildly successful, two-night run at 54 Below in NYC June 19-20, but there is no arguing that the woman has simply forgotten to age. (more…)
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