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Harry Hamlin Reflects on 40 Years of ‘Making Love’

It has often been reported that Harry Hamlin regrets starring in the controversial gay romantic drama Making Love (1982) — but it's just not so. A love story for the '80s (Image via 20th Century Fox) "Regardless of the effect it had on my film career, I went on to have a great career —…
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ABC Superstar Flashback, RIP Hugh Downs & More — Past & Curious

Links to the past, with relevance today: She was gonna fly then! (Image via ABC) GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: If you missed John Wayne, Lola Falana and Charo all in the same place, Greg rounds it up. https://youtu.be/Ou9ELddBHvo What was Billie Hayes doing with Chuck Connors?! P.S. Here's what purports to be the entire opening, with…
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‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reunion Talk!

Jaclyn Smith has a lot to celebrate: She's turning 72 on October 26 and looks and feels great, her Spencer by Jaclyn Smith line is going like gangbusters, and she may be about to participate in a long-awaited Charlie's Angels reunion! (more…)
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