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Simple Minds Rocks On, TV Star Opens Up About ’50s Open Marriage, Madonna Tickets Sell Out & More

January 20, 2023 Links to the past, with relevance today: The band's latest incarnation (Image via Facebook) EXTRATV: A new direction for Simple Minds, and a catch-up with Jim Kerr, 63. https://twitter.com/historyinmemes/status/1616350371055603712?s=20&t=jpRxDXC9KoDoKLd5-bwztQ TWITTER: This video ... is something. BILLBOARD: Madonna, 64, has taken abuse for being irrelevant for about 15 years. In spite of nasty,…
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Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s Only Child, Dies @ 54

Elvis died tragically young at 42 of heart disease. Now, on January 12, 2023, his only child — singer Lisa Marie Presley — has died at 54 following what was reportedly "full cardiac arrest." A rare image of Lisa Marie Presley with her four kids (Image via Instagram) Lisa Marie had just been at the…
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