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Ryan O’Neal, ’70s Superstar, Dies @ 82

Ryan O'Neal's acting career began in 1960, with a bit part on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. With Tony Dow on 'Beaver (Image via video still) It is interesting to think of him on shows like that and Leave It to Beaver, on which he appeared in 1961, considering the mega-star he became a…
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Natalie Wood’s Daughter Speaks About Her Death in New Doc

A new trailer for the HBO doc Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind reveals her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, speaking with great vulnerability about her late mom. "The day my mom died, my entire world was shattered. Since then, there's been so much focus on how she died that it's overshadowed who she was as a…
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Oscar-Winning Composer André Previn Dies @ 89

Composer and pianist André Previn died Thursday at home in NYC, The Telegraph reports. He was 89. A career that stretched back 73 years (Image via album cover) Previn was Berlin-born, Paris-raised and moved to L.A in the 1940s. Still just in his teens, the prodigy began composing music for films, starting with The Sun…
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