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New Book Traces How ‘Mommie Dearest’ Got Made

March 27, 2024 We all love Mommie Dearest, right? (Image via Chicago Review Press) Well, maybe not all of us. The film was a critical disaster in 1981, and seems to have singlehandedly mortally wounded Faye Dunaway's previously flawless career. Nonetheless, it was a box-office hit — it earned five times its budget worldwide —…
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GALECA’s 10 Best Movies About the Oscars

GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics has revealed its picks for the 10 best pics about the Oscars. Keep reading for the full list by John Griffiths for GALECA: Boyd does he wanna win! (Image via Embassy Pictures) (1) The Oscar (1966) Poor sociopath Frank Fane (Stephen Boyd, 1931-1977) wants that Best Actor trophy so bad, he’ll almost kill…
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Lypsinka Slays Wigstock

Lypsinka, a performer who reveres and revives famous folks of the past in her inimitable (and increasingly rare) live performances, lip-synched everyone under the table at Saturday's Wigstock revival in NYC. (more…)
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