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‘Taxi’ Reunion Pulls Up to ‘The View’

The View hosted a wonderful and warm reunion of Taxi (1978-1983). Genius show! (Image via NBC) The most surprising thing to me was learning that Carol Kane came so late into the show. I knew she was added, but not so last-minute. It's insane to think this show is 45 years old ... https://youtu.be/sEiMg5sW3F4?si=UvFU7wt3kQ74Bn-L https://youtu.be/BPhI9m9JZkI?si=0mUouOyT-i4WIATD…
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Surviving Members of TV Shows — in Pictures

I've always been the morbid type. Even as a kid, I would watch old movies and TV shows and zero in on, "Which of these people is still alive?" Three's Company: Joyce DeWitt is the last of this bunch, though other cast members from other years remain. (Image via ABC) Now that we have lost…
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