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Norman Lear, TV Icon, Dies @ 101

Via ExtraTV: It seemed he would never stop. (Image via THR) Norman Lear, the indefatigable TV legend who created classic, genre-defining, culture-driving series, died Tuesday at his L.A. home. He was 101, and had continued working until the end of his storied life. His death was confirmed to The New York Times by his family spokeswoman, Lara…
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One for the Ages: We Are All Norma Desmond

This is not an "age-shaming" post, but it is a post about how much our perceptions of age and aging have shifted in recent decades, as well as an indulgence in the mind-blowing reality of the passage of time. This was written in 2018, and I have updated the ages for your reading pleasure. (more…)
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GR8ERDAYS Millennial Challenge II: Marlon Who?

Herewith, the second part of my Millennial Challenge, in which you will find a video of millennials telling us what they know about Hollywood greats and a video of them remembering (or misremembering!) TV classics. (more…)
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