Charo’s Emotional Thank-You Video to Fans

A month after the shocking suicide of her husband, singer Charo, 68 or 78 (depending on source), has taken to Facebook to emotionally thank her fans for all the support they've offered.

The enduring icon is hurting, but soldiering on! (Image via head shot)

"Hola, amigos," she says, dressed in a cute, short, yellow dress and looking as ageless as ever. "It's been a month since my husband died. It's very, very hard. I want to thank you with all my heart for your help, your prayer, your support — that keep me going. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much."

"I been meditating all this month," she goes on, "... In his honor, I want to share with you that I will continue for his legacy and for the love that I have for entertaining and make people happy. Thank you with all my heart, and God bless you all."

Watch the full video here!

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