Charo Didn’t Know Her Husband Took His Own Life at First

Ageless musical icon Charo lost her husband, Kjell Rasten, in February, when he took his own life via gunshot. He had been depressed, and was particularly beaten down over an aggressive skin disease he was battling.

Co-host Sheryl Underwood's husband took his own life, too, nearly 30 years ago. (Image via CBS)

Horrifically, Charo was the person who found him, something she thinks he did not intend.

This week, she spoke out on The Talk about her loss, saying:

"We had dinner, but he did not talk. During the dinner, he talked very little. Then, when he went to go to sleep, he looked at me very strange, like he wanted to talk to me ... no clue."

She went on to say she found him in the alley alongside their home, but had no idea he had shot himself:

"I find him and I thought that he fell down ... I run to him because I thought he fell and I hug him, and I full of blood, full of blood, my hair was full of blood like I have a shower of blood."

He had a pulse and was breathing at the time.

Charo screamed into the street, where a tour bus called for help. Her husband was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he soon after died. He was 79.

She remembered fighting with the police because she felt he needed a blood transfusion from a terrible fall until they told her, "He didn't fall down, he put a bullet in his head."

"At that moment," she told the ladies, "I have a bullet in my heart."

Watch her heartbreaking appearance on the show:

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