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Mel Brooks, 94, Offers 1st Political Ad

Comedy legend Mel Brooks has turned in his first-ever political ad at the age of 94. Like his late buddy Carl Reiner, who died at 98 in June, he's a fan of Joe Biden, saying it's: Because Joe likes facts. Joe likes science. Gotta love Mel: https://twitter.com/maxbrooksauthor/status/1318930412610211841?s=20
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Carl Reiner Dies @ 98

Just two days before his death at 98 from natural causes, comedy great Carl Reiner tweeted what now sounds like his last words: https://twitter.com/carlreiner/status/1277021923805786112?s=20 Except these were not his last words, not even on social media. He went on to excoriate Donald Trump, lament Hillary Clinton's loss and then praise the late icon Noel Coward…
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