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Tippi at 91, Scoop on ‘This Was Hollywood,’ Dolly Mounring & More!

Links to the past: A coupla birds (Image via Instagram) INSTAGRAM: Melanie Griffith proudly shared photos of her living-legend mom Tippi Hedren in honor of the Hitchcock heroine's 91st, writing: "Happy Birthday Mom!! You are as beautiful today , at 91 years old , as you were at 22 in this first photo. I love…
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Don’t Speak!: 13 Hottest Silent Actors

If someone were creating a list of the sexiest male actors in the history of the movies, many obvious names spring to mind: Montgomery Clift (1920-1966), James Dean (1931-1955), Rock Hudson (1925-1985). But it's very likely any such list would exclude most of the actors whose stars burned brightest — or exclusively — in the…
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On Golden Years: Jane Fonda Is 80

Somehow, Jane Fonda is now three years older than her father Henry lived to be, and is five years older than he was when he starred in their film On Golden Pond (1981). That's right, the legendary actress, workout guru and activist is 80 today. (more…)
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