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Schooling Those Sharing an Anti-Feminist Meme

June 19, 2023 The image reveals three lovely young women in '50s-looking skirts and sweaters, all made up, their hair styled, and striding confidently to the camera. How 'bout we asked these women if times were better in 1960?! (Image via meme) The meme harps on the fact that the seemingly conservative women — "no…
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Took It All Off: ‘The Great American Strip-Off’

If you're looking for a camp flashback to the '80s with some juicy sex thrown in, look no further than The Great American Strip-Off, an '80s Playboy Channel show that daringly offered topless girls and mixed male and female contestants in a reality show decades before its time. Disrobing for dollars (Image via video still)…
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Mamie Van Doren Turns 88, Has *@#! Message for Trump

Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to her president, but Mamie Van Doren is taking another route. Mamie's most recent photo on FB (Image via Facebook) The last of the '50s sex kittens, Van Doren turned 88 February 6 ... but age is doing a poor job of mellowing her! The ageless vamp was actually unable…
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