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Madonna the Songwriter Celebrated in Indispensable New Book

When you engage someone on the topic of Madonna, you will like hear comments on several topics— sex appeal, relevance, age, plastic surgery, social media presence — before hearing any on the one that explains why she is still on our minds in the first place: music. Madame X Marcs the spot! (Image via Fonthill) Music,…
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Diana Ross NEVER Won a Competitive Grammy? How?

Every year around Grammys time, a list circulates of top stars who have never managed to win a competitive Grammy — and it is topped by the great Diana Ross, who just turned 78. (Not 96, as some Jeopardy! nerds mistakenly believed.) She deserves Grammys — all over her body of work. (Image via Capitol) Queen…
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50-Year-Old Footage of Prince Discovered

When a Minneapolis news station unearthed footage of a teachers' strike from 50 years ago, there was another gem uncovered at the same time — the only known video footage of future icon Prince at age 11. One of Prince's archivists reacted with glee over the find. (Image via video still) Asked what he thought…
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