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Surviving Members of TV Shows — in Pictures

I've always been the morbid type. Even as a kid, I would watch old movies and TV shows and zero in on, "Which of these people is still alive?" Three's Company: Joyce DeWitt is the last of this bunch, though other cast members from other years remain. (Image via ABC) Now that we have lost…
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Scoey Mitchell, Comic Trailblazer, Dies @ 92

Years ago, I started to write an oral history of Tattletales, a game show I believe bridged the gap between average game shows and reality TV. One of the survivors of that show was Scoey Mitchell, who also appeared on Match Game. I was heartened that he was still living. Guessing his wife's answer on…
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Past & Curious: Your ‘Rhoda’ Needs You + More!

Links to the past with relevance today: Harper in 2017 with Ed Asner, then 86 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund) EXTRATV: Valerie Harper, 79, is badly in need of money to pay for her ongoing cancer treatment. She's managed to hold on for 10 years since first being diagnosed with lung cancer, and six years after…
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