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Tom Holland to Play Fred Astaire, Alan Alda on Being ‘Lithe,’ Bob Dole Dies & More

Links to the past, with relevance today: I can see it! (Images via IG & movie still) AP ENTERTAINMENT: Tom Holland confirms he will play Fred Astaire in a new film: https://twitter.com/APEntertainment/status/1467599912489525256?s=20 EW: Ridley Scott, the legendary director who just turned 84, went ballistic on a journalist who seemingly accidentally insulted him about his films.…
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Sigourney Weaver Meets ‘Alien’ Play Kids

The bitch is back, but never fear — so is Ripley. https://twitter.com/njdotcom/status/1121825012913041408 Signourney Weaver, 69, made a surprise drop-in on the stars of North Bergen High School's viral Alien: The Play, encouraging them to keep doing what they're doing. Last month, the kids staged a remarkably professional take on the iconic sci-fi film Alien —…
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