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William Frawley? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Many of us are actively alarmed by the invasion of AI technology, and the possibility it raises of creating entirely false historical narratives. After all, if an engineer and scientist is uncritically sharing this pretty obviously AI-created image/story: This story is fake. This picture is fake. (Image via Twitter) ... where will it end? Nothing…
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Surviving Members of TV Shows — in Pictures

I've always been the morbid type. Even as a kid, I would watch old movies and TV shows and zero in on, "Which of these people is still alive?" Three's Company: Joyce DeWitt is the last of this bunch, though other cast members from other years remain. (Image via ABC) Now that we have lost…
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Screech 86ed, Close on Close, the Day Lucy Said Goodbye to Viv & More!

Links the past, with relevance today: Just the four of us! (Image via Peacock) TV LINE: The Saved by the Bell reunion episode squeeze Lisa Tuttle in, but Screech was disappeared. That's what you get for being a turncoat actor who trashes his former co-stars! Oh, baby! (Image via Warner Bros.) GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: The…
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