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Trailblazing ‘Inception’ Actor Earl Cameron Dies @ 102

Earl Cameron, the first Black man to star in a mainstream British movie — and the first to depict an interracial romance in one, nearly 70 years ago — has died at 102. Cameron died at his home in England on Friday, July 3, according to his agent. Born in Bermuda on August 8, 1917,…
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‘Golden Girls’ Blackface Episode Pulled

One episode of The Golden Girls ("Mixed Blessings" from 1988) will be pulled from Hulu because it shows Rose and Blanche in mud masks; in context, the joke is clearly derived from mistaking the masks for blackface, with Rose saying, "We're not really black!" It's a shame they can't simply trim the scene, because the…
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‘Gone with the Wind’ Temporarily Gone from HBO Max Over Racist Tropes

In light of the mass reassessment of systemic racism in America, HBO Max has temporarily pulled Gone with the Wind (1939) from its library. The immensely popular film has long been the subject of intense criticism for its romanticized portrayal of slavery and the Civil War, so the platform has decided to make it available…
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