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Past & Curious: Madonna Flashback, Betty’s B’day & More!

Links from the past with relevance today ... Madonna in 1994; unreleased look from her "Secret" video (Image via WB) BBC SOUNDS: A long-lost '94 interview with Madonna ahead of the release of her Bedtime Stories launch. Madonna on fashion, "BUY? I don't go to BUY the clothes." Also noteworthy: The very sweet and intelligent…
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Dead or Alive: Famously Dead, Surprisingly Alive

This post combines two elements of pop culture nostalgia that regularly come up in terms of celebs of the past — "Oh, my God, I can't believe he/she died!" and, "Oh, my God, I can't believe he/she is still alive!" ... (more…)
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Betty White Turns 96!

Today, one of the most popular celebrities alive (who would be more universally liked?), Betty White, turns 96. (more…)
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