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Simple Minds Rocks On, TV Star Opens Up About ’50s Open Marriage, Madonna Tickets Sell Out & More

January 20, 2023 Links to the past, with relevance today: The band's latest incarnation (Image via Facebook) EXTRATV: A new direction for Simple Minds, and a catch-up with Jim Kerr, 63. https://twitter.com/historyinmemes/status/1616350371055603712?s=20&t=jpRxDXC9KoDoKLd5-bwztQ TWITTER: This video ... is something. BILLBOARD: Madonna, 64, has taken abuse for being irrelevant for about 15 years. In spite of nasty,…
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Peter Fonda Dies @ 79

A month after the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider, the iconic '60s film that he co-wrote and in which he starred, actor Peter Fonda has died at 79. One of the most iconic films of the '60s (Image via Columbia) People magazine reports exclusively that Fonda died of respiratory failure due to lung cancer. In a statement…
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Franco Zeffirelli, Italian Auteur Director, Dies @ 96

Franco Zeffirelli, the Italian director known for his interpretations of the work of the Bard on film and onstage, died Friday in Rome following a long illness. The filmmaker, one of the only living people shown to have been directly descended from Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), was 96. The film that is his most lasting…
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