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Stevie Nicks, Mark Hamill, Glenn Close, Judy Garland & MORE!

Links to the past with relevance today: Ooh, baby, ooh, ooh ... (GIF via GIPHY) DO YOU REMEMBER?: Turns out Stevie Nicks, 71, only just recently heard a white-winged dove singing. Heath worked opposed Vincent Price (1911-1993) in three films. (Image via International Pictures) THR: Hilary Heath, who acted in International Pictures horror flicks like…
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Inside Gloria Swanson’s Mansion!

Gloria Crest, a massive dwelling located 10 miles out of Manhattan in Englewood, New Jersey, was once home to movie star Gloria Swanson (1899-1983) — and now, it could be yours. For just $9.9 million! It gives good facade! (All images via video still) Believe it or not, the new price is a steal, considering…
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One for the Ages: We Are All Norma Desmond

This is not an "age-shaming" post, but it is a post about how much our perceptions of age and aging have shifted in recent decades, as well as an indulgence in the mind-blowing reality of the passage of time. This was written in 2018, and I have updated the ages for your reading pleasure. (more…)
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