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Clara Bow’s Lost Film ‘The Pill Pounder’ FOUND

March 20, 2024 The film is said to be in perfect condition 100 years later. (Images via video stills) A man who bought a lot of films at a storage-locker auction wound up discovering a long-lost Silent Era movie — one that starred none other than Clara Bow. The Pill Pounder (1923) had been considered…
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Don’t Speak!: 13 Hottest Silent Actors

If someone were creating a list of the sexiest male actors in the history of the movies, many obvious names spring to mind: Montgomery Clift (1920-1966), James Dean (1931-1955), Rock Hudson (1925-1985). But it's very likely any such list would exclude most of the actors whose stars burned brightest — or exclusively — in the…
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