Monthly Archives: October 2018

Wilde About Cornel

October 13 marks the 106th anniversary of the birth of Cornel Wilde, the Hungarian-American actor and director who enjoyed a career of over 50 years in show biz! (more…)
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Marvin the Martian at 70

Marvin the Martian — the most lethal of all of Bugs Bunny's foes (even more reprehensible than the start of Florida, and harder to cut away) — turned 70 in July. (more…)
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‘Can Guest Star Jason Bateman Help Save Him?’

Jason Bateman, 49, takes time out for Vanity Fair to give a wildly entertaining oral history of his career, from Little House on the Prairie to Silver Spoons to It's Your Move and, of course, his successful projects as an adult. (more…)
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